Price stability for commerce. Upside potential and dividends for investors.

Our Ecosystem

UbiquiCorp will dramatically reduce the costs associated with commerce and investment, while providing the potential for significant, uncapped, recurring income for all who participate.

Coin Holders


(Investment Token)


(Transaction Token)

Phase 1




Phase 1



Debit Card



Up to 20% of revenue shared with I-BRYT holders

Our Ecosystem
Phase 1

Person to person transfers

I-BRYT tokens listed on public exchanges

Phase 2

Consumer Transactions

Debit cards accepted globally

Phase 3

Over 73,000 investment options

Micro and Macro loans

Healthcare and educational savings

Charitable contributions

Two Tokens. One Solution.

  • I-BRYTs (Investment Token)

    I-BRYTs are fixed in number and share in up to 20% of the revenue generated by the UbiquiCorp ecosystem. They will trade on a public exchange and are backed by a financial guarantee of $1.00 per token through December 31, 2019.

  • T-BRYTs (Transaction Token)

    T-BRYTs are pegged to the USD and fully backed by cash and cash equivalents. Their stable price coupled with sub second transactions times provided by our proprietary consensus mechanism makes them the ideal cryptocurrency for conducting financial transactions.

What Is The Difference Between I-BRYT and T-BRYT tokens?

I-BRYT (Investment Tokens)

Will trade freely on exchanges

Potential to appreciate in value

Up to 20% revenue share

Fixed number of tokens

Backed financial guarantee of $1.00 per token

T-BRYT (Transactional Tokens)

Dedicated to worldwide financial transactions, such as transfers or purchases of goods and services

Stable value

No revenue share

Number of tokens are based on market need

Fully backed by cash and cash equivalents

  • Reduced Friction Costs

    Significantly lower transaction costs compared to traditional banking or leading money remittance providers.

How Can I Use My T-BRYT Tokens?*


Send money

T-BRYTs are fully backed by cash and cash equivalents, stable in value, totally liquid; perfect for person-to-person payments.

Debit card

Debit card access to T-BRYTs without daily limits, at perfect interchange rates, and with ultra-low fees.

Pay merchants

Merchants will receive reduced discount rates and immediate conversion to fiat currencies, incenting them to accept T-BRYTs.

Invest worldwide

Access to 73,000 mutual funds and ETFs worldwide, all offered with no transaction fees and no account minimums.

Take loan

Access to credit from a pool of lenders including other T-BRYT holders, across international borders, with minimum fees and waiting times.

* These represent future business lines as described in our whitepaper


Save for education

Through no-transaction fee investment services with a potential to increase in value, coin holders can save for educational costs.

Save for health

Through no-transaction fee investment services with a potential to increase in value, coin holders can save for healthcare costs.

Donate to charity

Charitable giving with complete transparency, reduced transactions costs, more trust, and full currency integration.

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