Bridging the gap between blockchains and legacy systems.


Our hybrid system acts as an interchange connecting our internal private blockchains to the fiat infrastructures necessary to provide service set end-points.

T-BRYT (Transactions Tokens)

Private Blockchains

For conducting financial transactions within our ecosystem
Our private blockchains are interconnected, as necessary, through smart contracts and through data interchanges to allow for a wide array of financials services.

I-BRYT (Investment Tokens)

Public Blockchain

Provides potential price appreciation and dividends to investors
Our public blockchain shares in the revenue generated from our ecosystem and will trade on public exchanges under the BRYT ticker.

How Our Blockchains Differ From Others?

UbiquiCorp designed its consensus mechanism from the ground up to address the flaws prevalent in cryptocurrencies today, such as long transaction times, enormous power consumption, and dubious security protocols.

Proof of Work

Enormous power consumption
Very long transaction times (minutes to hours to days)
No guarantee transaction will be approved
Mining getting more difficult, mining rewards shrinking


Proof of Majority

Sub second transaction times
Settlement based network; no arbitrary work
Very low power consumption
Nodes can fit on a cell phone
Industry leading security

Proof of Stake

Not yet deployed; under development for years
Larger positions provide user with more influence
Transaction times not yet confirmed

Benefits of Our Approach

The Proof of Majority consensus model delivers a decentralized and democratized blockchain.

  • True Majority Consensus

    The entire network participates in transaction consensus, block building, and block consensus, where a majority vote is required before a block can be added to the blockchain.

  • Mining Without Latency

    All miners are involved in block building but no arbitrary work is required to 'prove' that a miner is correct. Instead, blocks are generated by all miners in milliseconds and forwarded only to their node connections for consensus.

  • Frictionless Low-Energy Network

    With no arbitrary work to perform, the energy of the network is kept very low, and because there is no coinbase transaction or need for senders to allocate fees to incent miners to include transactions, the system is frictionless.

  • Light Weight Nodes

    Nodes are not required to perform iterative hashing. Instead, simple quick hashes are performed and data packets the size of a typical cell phone picture are moved.

  • Under the Proof of Majority, nodes can run on handheld devices such as smartphones which have the necessary processing power, memory, and bandwidth.


Reliant on several blockchains – two for management, and more for services and goods management – this transaction engine infrastructure will provide the ideal foundation for the growth and development of the UBIQUICORP ecosystem.

World-Wide Money Movement

Meeting the requirements of banks, thrifts, and financial institutions on a worldwide scale for money movement, remittance, and , our core system is already connected to over 4,700 banks, thrifts, credit unions, and financial institutions.

Distributed High-Speed Ledger

Distributed across over 20 worldwide datacenters, the core of the hybrid system that will bring blockchain to existing global infrastructures is an ultra-fast financial transaction engine currently handling over 170,000 transactions per day in financial services sectors throughout the world.

Highly Secure Systems

Our infrastructures will sit in heavily guarded data centers throughout the world; both systems technologies and human resources will be employed to guard our systems.

Multiple Blockchain Integration

Our hybrid architecture will afford access to records on the blockchain for high-speed off-blockchain processing requirements. Though disruptive and potentially valuable to virtually all verticals, blockchain does not yet permeate fiat-related legacy financial services systems.

  • UbiquiCorp services will also be made accessible via SMS because 56% of the world's phones are not smartphones.

More Information About Our Technology

  • Proof of Majority

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