Economic Inclusion

Providing the unbanked and underbanked with a new way to store and transfer wealth.

Why Do People Lack Access To Traditional Banking Systems?

There is estimated to be over 2 billion people, worldwide that remain unbanked and underbanked. These are the key reasons for this situation:

  • High Banking Fees

    Banking fees are too high and there is little to no transparency of these fees.

  • Lack of Cooperation

    Banks often decline business with an individual because of previously bounced checks or relatively minor overdrafts.

  • Youth is a Major Factor

    According to FDIC data, about half of the people between 18 and 24 are unbanked or underbanked.

  • Bad Customer Experience

    Unbanked people are driven to quit their banks because of a bad customer experience.

  • Black List Organizations

    Individuals may be involved with a company or industry that banks do not want to support.

How UbiquiCorp Helps Them

UbiquiCorp's gives the underbanked and unbanked access to high quality, affordable financial services:

Fund Transfer

  • Swift transfer regardless of the location of the originating and receiving entities
  • Lower fees than banks or other standard money remittance providers

Transaction for Goods and Services

  • Use our debit card to pay for goods and services with your T-BRYT tokens
  • Purchases using smart phones at the point of sale

Store of Value

  • T-BRYTs pegged to the USD and fully backed by cash and cash equivalents
  • Transparent fees that will be lower than most banks

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